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Eco School Supplies

Every year, parents rush the stores to pick up school supplies for their children.  Avoid the rush and crowds with Ultimate Green Store.  We provide green, sustainable school supplies for The Ultimate Green Kid delivered right to your home! Our goal is to provide the materials your child needs to succeed manufactured in a planet-friendly way. 

Help your kids live sustainably and go green this year with fantastic eco school supplies they'll love.  Browse through wide selections of notebooks, pencils, lunch boxes, backpacks, and much more.  

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Back to School Goes Green! So much information has come out over the past few years about lunch boxes and other school supplies containing lead, phthalates, Bisphenol A, Polyvinyl Chlorine (PVC) and other chemicals that are believed to be carcinogens and/or hormone disrupters. Shopping is no longer a process of checking things off the list—it’s about checking things on the label. It’s also about being waste-conscious.

Each year tons of waste is produced by kids bringing lunch in disposable packaging to school. The bento style lunch boxes we carry are a great way to reduce waste.They feature a hinged outer container, four inner food containers, a dip container and a set of stainless steel utensils. The boxes come in an assortment of fun colors and designs for your children to choose from, and kids love the compartments because they fit together like a puzzle. The containers are reusable, recyclable and dishwasher safe, free of any materials that are suspected carcinogens or hormone disrupters, and make it easy for families to use less disposable packaging. To keep meals cold, buy one of our non-toxic ice packs. These cool packs are made in the USA with biodegradable gel. 

When shopping for drink containers, it’s extremely important to watch out for products made with clear, shatter-resistant #7 plastic. Previous-generation, Nalgene-type water bottles and baby bottles were the first to get a bad rap for containing Bisphenol A, but now it’s being found in everything from food packaging to the inner lining of metal food and drink cans. BPA can mimic estrogen and acts as a hormone disrupter. Its effects are often most pronounced when humans are in stages of rapid development, such as in the womb or during childhood—which is all the more reason to check the product for its plastic number. More parents are turning to stainless steel water bottles for their kids which are made from 100% recyclable high-quality food-grade stainless steel. They are lightweight, durable, non-leaching and come in lots of kid-friendly colors. Some of our bottles even have polypropylene tops with sippy adapters for your little ones.

Finding eco-friendly back-to-school supplies is now easier than ever. When looking for pencils, pens, paper and binders, think outside the box—or rather the tree. Check out our pencils made from recycled newspaper; biodegradable crayons made from soybeans; paper and binders made from recycled post-consumer content; and pencil cases, backpacks and binders made from recycled drink pouches. Our school bags and backpacks are also PVC-free and some are made from recycled water bottles, creatively finding a way to keep tons of water bottles out of landfills. 

Kids also love learning about going green and about the big and little ways that they can help save the planet! Did you know that for each 2-and-a-half-foot stack of newspapers that gets recycled, a 20-foot pine tree can be saved?) Little facts go a long way to empower your children and make them feel like they are doing something to make a difference—and it all starts with a simple shopping list!