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Aluminum Free Deodorant

At last there are natural deodorants that really work! These aluminum-free natural deodorants come in great scents for him and her. They are a great choice for athletes who want the best natural ingredients in their personal care products along with high performance (a great choice for teenagers too!)

Countless deodorants flood the aisles that contain harmful chemicals that should be put nowhere near your skin (chemicals that include phthalates, parabens and aluminum). These natural deodorants are made up of ingredients you can trust. All ingredients are rated "1" by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Many natural deodorants available today just don't get the job done. While the ingredients are all natural, users continue to stink! Unfortunately, natural deodorants get a bad rap and many users are afraid to make the switch to an all-natural deodorant....But look no further! These deodorants are safe, non-toxic , formulated free of biologically harmful chemicals and really work!