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Teflon-free and eco-friendly, shop high-quality, beautifully designed, Made in the USA stainless steel cookware that offers healthier, cleaner cooking by allowing foods to be cooked at a lower temperature. 

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Slow Cooker Base
Price: $109.00


Spurred by concerns about the potential health effects of chemicals used in non-stick cookware, we present a new generation of eco-friendly cookware which is better for your health and the environment. This green eco-friendly safe cookware uses non-toxic materials rather than Teflon to prevent food from sticking to the pans. These materials stay stable even at high temperatures, so they don't release fumes or toxins. And they're made from natural materials rather than synthetic chemicals, which makes them more eco-friendly than other non-stick coatings.

Unlike aluminum cookware, all the stainless steel eco-friendly cookware we carry is encased in safe, non-leaching T-304 stainless steel, so your food never comes into contact with soft metals, non-stick coatings and other potentially-hazardous elements that can seep into your food. With sustainable kitchenware, your food remains clean and safe while it cooks quickly yet gently at lower temperatures, preserving purity, flavor and vitamins. What could be more important than keeping your and your family’s food safe!

This sustainable kitchenware preserves higher nutrient content and food tastes better and is more wholesome. The Vapor Cooking technology for the eco-friendly cookware with lids allows food to be cooked quickly and easily without the use of as much water and oil. Both water and calorie saving! All sustainable kitchenware products are made in the USA. Porcelain Bakeware & Cookware is crafted using reclaimed water and after sourcing the raw materials, mined areas are converted to parks and gardens, which has a positive impact on climate change and the community.