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Considering the amount of time we spend sleeping in bed, an organic mattress is one of the best investments you can make towards having a healthy home, clean bedroom and non-toxic sleeping environment. Organic cotton mattresses are the solution to avoiding exposure to toxins that are found in conventional mattresses.

Organic certified cotton and wool as well as organic latex foams make up the composition of most adult and children’s organic mattresses. Non-GMO, certified organic cotton fabrics and fillings are healthy alternatives to chemically treated foams. Certified organic wool materials provide natural fire protection, absorb moisture, and regulate temperature by keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. What is more, non-GMO PLA batting and responsibly harvested from rubber trees latex create comfortable and luxurious natural foams, providing cushion and support. The materials in your organic cotton mattresses and organic crib mattresses truly make a difference in protecting you from harmful chemicals in your bedroom.

Conventional mattresses, on the other hand, are infused with hundreds of harmful to health, toxic chemicals and very few consumers are aware that sleeping in chemically treated beds can severely impact their health. A variety of petrochemicals, antibacterial/biocide treatments, synthetic foams and plastics, along with cotton pesticides and brominated or chlorinated fire retardants outgas into the air and migrate into the dust inside the living spaces, from where they are being inhaled or ingested, and are then absorbed into people’s bodies. Many medical conditions ranging from skin rashes, respiratory problems, autoimmune diseases, to cancers are often caused by everyday exposure to volatile compounds emitted during sleep.

These dangers can be easily avoided by choosing natural and organic cotton mattresses. Designed for safety and functionality without common allergens, glues, adhesives and other questionable materials, they provide ultimate non-toxic, hypoallergenic comfort for adults, teens, kids and baby alike. Whether it’s a King, Queen, Full, or Twin size mattress, encased coil technology provides firm orthopedic support, relieves pressure points and dissipates heat to prevent overheating or sweating. Layers of luxurious natural cotton batting in organic bassinet and crib mattresses create the perfect balance of firmness and comfort for your baby or toddler.

Intelligent and sustainable designs of these organic cotton mattresses and organic crib mattresses can also create natural stain-resistant, waterproof surfaces and dust mite/bed bug barriers (also check out our waterproof mattresses and protectors), while eliminating the need for chemicals and flame-retardants. Reliable and globally recognized certifications such as Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) and GREENGUARD® ensure the highest quality materials and responsible production processes in factories that meet the strictest standards for eliminating chemical emissions.