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Say goodbye to toxic vinyl. Create an organic bathroom retreat with organic shower curtains that are modern and fresh in design and free of any harmful chemicals.

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Shower Curtains

Choosing a non-toxic shower curtain is an easy but essential step in creating a healthy, organic bathroom. Made from certified organic cotton, pure flax-based linen or natural hemp, these eco friendly shower curtains eliminate toxic chemicals from your home environment and help you create a truly green bathroom retreat.

Organic shower curtains are healthier than vinyl ones, which are laden with harmful chemicals that off-gas into the air and leak into the water. Traditional vinyl curtains are made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride)—a toxic material coated with plastic softeners, known as phthalates. Hot steamy conditions increase the release of phthalates, exposure to which has been linked to hormone disruption, asthma, and cancers.

Fabric shower curtains made from certified organic cotton or pure linen are free of toxic substances and carcinogens, giving you additional peace of mind during your bath or shower time. Coyuchi eco friendly shower curtains are usually unlined, and can be used without or with an additional liner. Just make sure to buy a non-toxic shower liner, if you decide to use one. In addition to their non-toxicity, the true appeal of Coyuchi organic shower curtains is in their modern design. Light earthy colors and beautiful weave patterns bring natural warmth and easygoing elegance to the bath. Coyuchi eco friendly shower curtains are just one more way to soothe your mood while pampering yourself!