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From trash to treasure! Shop sturdy strong recycled wine bottle glasses and beautiful artisanal recycled glassware, including carafes, food canisters and candles made from recycled wine bottles! 

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Recycled Wine Bottle Sangria Scented 10 oz. Candle
Regular Price: $21.00
Sale Price: $18.00
Recycled Wine Bottle Drinking Glasses - All Sizes (Sets of 4) + Cases
Price: $33.00 - $385.00
Sale Price: $29.00 - $385.00

Recycled Glassware


Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity. Recycled glass reduces emissions and consumption of raw materials and saves energy.  So what happens when you take wine bottles that restaurants were going to throw away and turn them into beautiful recycled wine punt drinking glasses (the punt is the bottom part of the bottle). You help to prevent those wine bottles from ending up in a landfill but you also get  the strongest recycled glasses around. You see, the glass that wine bottles are made of is annealed, which means that it is slowly cooled to relieve any internal stresses. This process increases the durability to withstand even the harshest industrial use. And, when you take glass soda bottles and turn them into sustainable glassware you get colorful stunning works of art with each piece being slightly different and having unique charm!

Shop for your glassware responsibly but know you are not sacrificing style! We carry both sustainable glassware that is great for everyday use and unique artisanal pieces that are decorative, great for parties or special dinners and that also make wonderful gifts. Shop for all kinds of recycled glassware- from recycled water glasses, Bambeco glasses, recycled pint and recycled ice tea glasses, recycled wine goblets and margherita glasses and recycled glass pitchers for all your entertaining needs.