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Wrap yourself in organic luxury and treat yourself to an organic home spa experience with our organic cotton robes and bamboo bathrobes made with the finest sumptuously natural and sustainable fibers.  

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Organic + Bamboo Bathrobes


If you’re searching for an organic cotton robe or bamboo bathrobe that will not irritate your skin, we have what you need. Our products are manufactured without the use of pesticides resulting in a healthy and unbeatably soft organic experience you’ll love. Choose from a variety of different styles and colors today!

Purchasing one of our organic bathrobes is a good way to reduce your environmental impact and put something more natural against your skin, straight out of the bath and shower when your skin is it's most sensitive. When choosing the perfect robe, organic cotton and bamboo fibers are versatile materials because they can be woven into many different textures and weights. Because of the way natural fibers are woven, Coyuchi robes and Pure Fiber bathrobes are breathable, which allows moisture to dry quickly - something you want in a bathrobe.

The Ultimate Green Organic Bathrobe Guide: What type of bathrobe is best for you?

Organic Jersey Bathrobes: For warmer weather, our lightweight organic jersey cotton are a fantastic  choice. Our jersey robes are ever so soft. Think about your softest favorite T-shirt and that is what our jersey robes are reminiscent of.

Bamboo Bathrobes: Just a little bit heavier, but still sublimely soft, are our bamboo robes. Made from one of nature's most sustainable materials - bamboo. Grown always without the need for any pesticide or herbicide, bamboo is actually a grass which can grow up to 5 feet a day and renew very easily.

Organic Terry Robes: For colder weather, organic terry bathrobes are heavenly! Turkish terry, one of the materials used for some of our robes, is made of long-staple cotton, loomed into single loops that feel thick and plush, yet airy and lofty. If you want a smooth, soft hand and remarkable absorbency, choose a Turkish terry robe.

Organic Flannel Bathrobes: Also great for the colder months are our heavenly organic flannel robes. Flannel is best when it’s made from organic cotton. If it’s brushed multiple times, it creates a pill-resistant flannel bathrobe with a velvety feel and that's why we call the dreamy flannel robes we carry cloud brushed flannel.

Organic Waffle Weave Spa Bathrobes: For a true and classic spa feel, try our organic waffle weave robes. Made from organic cotton in an airy, drapey waffle weave, these organic waffle robes are pre-tumbled to be soft from day one and get more so with every wash. Styled for men or women with a streamlined fit that keeps it comfortable and flattering with double belt-loops.

Relaxed Linen Bathrobes: The soft and smooth combination of linen and organic cotton terry is a design that creates a relaxed but classic feel and is great for lounging. Linen feels airy and cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. The Relaxed Linen robes we carry are woven from European flax that’s pre-washed yet never starched, so they feel soft and drapey right away, and only get better over time.

Organic Sateen Robes: Lastly, if you like a smooth feel outside and a soft feel inside, choose a cotton-lined sateen robe. It offers the best of both worlds, pairing a silky, elegant exterior with a warm, cozy interior.

Coyuchi robes and Pure Fiber bamboo bathrobes are the perfect choice for after your bath or shower, long mornings and relaxed evenings of lounging!