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Create a non-toxic and stylish sleep environment with beautiful natural organic bedding grown without pesticides and free of harmful flame retardants. 


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Bamboo Sheet Sets
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Organic Bedding & Bamboo Bedding

Sleep healthy with GOTS certified organic bedding including sheets, duvets, blankets, pillows, bamboo organic bed sheets, wool comforters, organic mattresses, mattress toppers and more. We carry one of the largest collections of sustainable bedding. 

We spend one-third of our lives in bed. We believe sleep should be healthy and the way nature intended it to be- devoid of unnecessary chemicals and toxins. Natural organic bedding is not only better for the environment because the materials used are not processed with chemicals, but the fibers provide greater breathability than man-made fabrics that do not breathe well. Organic sheets made without dyes and chemical bleaches are easier on your skin, a great relief to people suffering from skin problems such as eczema. Organic blankets and pure wool comforters help regulate temperature - keeping you warm without overheating because the fibers breathe. Pillows made with organic cotton and eco wool, provide protection from dust mite allergens, offering relief people with allergy and asthma.

Shop with us for one of the largest selections of certified organic cotton and sustainably made bamboo bedding around, including sheets, duvet covers, comforters, blankets, quilts, pillows, mattresses & mattress toppers.  And who says organic bedding can't be stylish? Healthy homes can be beautiful and high style too! Choose organic bedding in a broad selection of colors, weaves and patterns in sateen, percale, flannel and relaxed linen. Discover the comfort and purity of organic bamboo bedding and organic cotton bedding.

Get your best healthiest sleep with our selection of organic bedding sets. Choose from organic sheets in all sizes- king, queen, full, twin and twin-XL sized.  

The Load On Thread Count: It really is a misconception that thread count is everything in terms of both comfort and durability of bedding. A lot of this depends on the type of cotton used. A 290 thread count sheet using organic pima cotton can be just as good as an 800 thread count sheet using conventional cotton. Organic cotton, specifically, is known for being incredibly luxuriously soft without necessitating a higher thread count. Like other organic materials, it is grown without pesticides and herbicides which can also help allergy sufferers and people who are prone to skin irritation.

Reliable Certifications: Our certified organic bedding products are made with globally recognized certifications you can rely on. So what's behind these certifications and what do they mean?

Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS): The Global Organic Textile Standard leads the world in processing standards for organic fibers, which includes not only environmental considerations but also social factors and treatment of workers. This is backed by independent certification of the entire textile chain from field to finished product. This certification ensures the traceability of the organic cotton as well as the standard of fair treatment to every person involved in the production chain.

USDA Certification: Some of the cotton used for Ultimate Green brand organic bedding is also certified by the the United States Department of Agriculture. This means the organic cotton fulfills USDA standard requirements, preserving biodiversity, not using genetically modified seeds, synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

European Union Certification: The European Union bases its organic agricultural program on the regulation of the production, management and labeling of organic products.

Flame Retardant-Free Bedding: All of our bedding is made without harmful chemicals contained in flame retardants. One of the benefits of natural and organic mattresses is that they do not burn as quickly as products made with petrochemicals. The organic mattresses we carry are naturally flame retardant.