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Browse our eco-friendly backpacks below.  Available in many different sizes, colors, and designs, our environmentally friendly backpacks are  PVC-free and made from recycled materials.  They are durable to withstand even the heaviest of school books.  We also have kid specific bags that resemble cute animals!  If you’re searching for a work bag, The Ultimate Green Store can provide the perfect work bag as well.  We also have hiking bags for the hiker in you.  No matter the need, we have the right backpack for you! 

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Rhino II Eco-Friendly Laptop Backpack in Black
Regular Price: $68.95
Sale Price: $63.95
Tiger II Eco-Friendly Laptop Carrier Messenger Bag in Black
Regular Price: $68.95
Sale Price: $63.95
Bighorn II Backpack Grey
Regular Price: $49.00
Sale Price: $44.95