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The Ultimate Green Shopping Experience!

New E-Commerce Site Offers Consumers a One-Stop Shopping Destination Featuring the Best Green Products on the Market

Easy Ways to Go Green

Laura Meyer, founder of The Ultimate Green Store, and author of Remodel This! was featured in At Home with Century 21 magazine, as an expert on green home-improvement. The article provides simple tips and a room-by-room guide to lightening your carbon footprint at home.

Cleaning Green -Top Tips for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

If you had a grandmother like mine, you likely have memories of visiting her perfectly neat, everything-in-its place home. One that perpetually smelled 'Lysol fresh.' Today as an eco-conscious adult, conjuring that olfactory memory gives me the chills...

Back to School Goes Green

Eco-conscious moms breed eco-savvy kids. This fall, send your kids back to school loaded with school supplies they'll love for the eco-coolness factor. With more and more green products hitting the market, greening the contents of your child's backpack is easier than ever.

Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed in...Hemp?

For a growing number of couples preparing to walk down the aisle, commitment is taking on a deeper meaning. Many couples are embracing the growing trend to reduce their wedding's impact...

Laura Meyer discusses Surviving Your Remodel on BobVila.com

A major remodeling or renovation project in your home can cause great stress, which often wears on your relationship. Keeping a good attitude and maintaining strong communication are just two keys to ensuring your marriage not only survives but thrives during your remodel.

Laura Meyer offers tips for Surviving Home Renovations on Oprah & Friends Radio

Laura shares tips she says every women should take to heart before she starts a home renovation project...

"Eco-101" by Laura Meyer

There is no question that the world is more eco-conscious. Green is no longer just within purview of the earthy-crunchy types; green is everywhere...

Green It!

Home sweet home- that’s where we make the biggest carbon footprint. And although the spotlight in the construction business has been on green technology, many of us are not in a position to do things like change out our HVAC systems, buy new appliances or install solar panels. But here’s the good news: green is beautiful in any shade. So don’t wait- jump on the bandwagon with a few simple things you can do to save energy while living in any home.