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Rainshow'r Filters |

At The Ultimate Green Store, we are committed to the idea that everyone deserves a safe, healthy, and chlorine-free shower. “Living the Green Life” means protecting yourself and your family from the gasses and chemicals present in chlorinated water and vapors that can be damaging to our bodies, hair and skin. Rainshow'r filters for the shower, bath, and garden are designed and manufactured in southern California and are some of the highest-quality dechlorinating products on the market.

Certified and tested by NSF International, Rainshow'r filters reflect a long history of customer satisfaction, innovation, and honesty. These filters are long-lasting and backed with straightforward, accurate information about their content and function. Rainshow’r filters are not made with activated carbon in their shower filters due to the inferior performance of carbon in a short-bodied, high-temperature filter environment.