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Eco-Friendly Bean Bags, Yoga & Meditation Products

We are passionate about the planet. Our eco-friendly products are handcrafted and made in the USA utilizing sustainable resources such as Organic Cotton, Hemp, Kapok, Buckwheat hulls, Natural Latex and Recycled materials. Our eco-friendly ethical bean bags in kids and adult sizes and are made with covers that have no added flame retardants. Fill is low VOC for better indoor air quality.


About our Eco-Friendly Bean Bag Furniture

Quality eco-friendly and organic home furnishings do much more than beautify your home. They improve indoor air quality, are healthier for your family and sustainable for the environment. Our Bean Bag Chairs are a made flame retardant-free and are a wonderful alternative to conventional bean bags which are made with harmful chemicals. Ours come in a variety of fabrics/materials including hemp and organic cotton. The fill is made from recycled beads and natural latex. Soft furniture creates the ultimate spot for lounging, watching television, or relaxing with a good book. Whether you call it a bean chair, a bean bag, or a beanbag chair, sitting on one of these will become one of your favorite spots!

It all started with a Sleeping Bean

The Original Sleeping Bean body pillow redefined sustainable sleep comfort and remains the industry standard, often imitated but never duplicated. Specializing in earth-friendly pillows including the Veggie Bean organic kapok body pillow, Wheat Dreamz buckwheat hull pillows, organic cotton and kapok head pillows, maternity and reading in bed pillows, bean products innovatation continues with new unique designs for safe, healthy ecological products for you and your family.

Say “Namaste” the eco-friendly way.
Shop expertly designed and manufactured all-natural, exceptional and eco-friendly yoga mats, bamboo yoga blocks, mat bags, yoga straps, natural bolsters and yoga tools. These all-organic and natural meditation tools enhance your peace of mind: organic zafu and zabuton cushions.