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Recycling Based TerraCycle Products

Every year, billions of used drink pouches fill dumpsters and landfills across the United States and are unable to be recycled. TerraCycle is an industrial waste management company that has launched a campaign to collect these used juice pouches and remake them into new products – a process called ‘upcycling.’

As an eco-friendly innovator, TerraCycle converts the used drink pouches into stylish backpacks, lunchboxes, tote bags, pencil cases, and other items for kids and adults. TerraCycle has also launched a campaign called the Drink Pouch Brigade that collects used drink pouches across the nationx. Through this program, $0.02 is donated to charity for every drink pouch collected through the Brigade program.

When you’re done with your TerraCycle product, you can send it back to their company to ensure of their proper disposal. Used products are ‘sliced and diced’ and reformed once again into a useable, recyclable rigid plastic packaging material.