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Organic Coyuchi bedding, table linens, loungewear and Coyuchi baby products are made from organic and natural materials sourced from nature. All Coyuchi products depend on guidelines and standards such as those set by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) and the International Labor Organization resulting in certified organic, green living products that are made under fair trade and ethical labor standards. Coyuchi bath and bedding products are a combination of contemporary and traditional. Rustic yet fresh, Coyuchi bedding is made for the modern shopper.  Shop Coyuchi discounts and our Coyuchi sale today!



Coyuchi manufactures sustainable organic cotton and natural home and lifestyle products with respect for the planet. Inspired by nature- by the sea, the beach, flowers and other natural habitats, Coyuchi bath, bedroom and baby products are made to turn your home into an organic sanctuary and calming environment. Subtle sophisticated textures and beautiful colors along with an infusion of detail are the hallmark of Coyuchi goods which traverse traditional and modern decor.

Coyuchi baby, bath and bedding products are made with natural fibers that are minimally processed. These fibers include 100% organic cotton, natural linen made from flax plants and wool. Coyuchi textiles are produced with strict environmental and social standards in place. Examples of the programs under which Coyuchi products are manufactured include GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard), the USDA National Organic Program and the International Labor Organization.

Many of Coyuchi's products are produced under Fair Trade standards. Coyuchi partners with textile mills and farms that share the same philosophy about producing sustainably made products in facilities that pay their workers fair wages and whose workers are treated well. The full lifestyle of the product, from farm to finish is taken into account.

Coyuchi’s environmental practices continue beyond the field, farm and factory. Coyuchi's shipping practices take into account materials used and carbon output. Coyuchi attempts to reduce the environmental impact of shipping by using recycled shipping materials and working with ship partners who have a focus on reducing carbon emissions in the shipping process through the use of alternative and renewable fuels, LEED buildings, carbon offsets and energy efficiency.

The Ultimate Green store has been a retail partner of Coyuchi since 2009. Our customer service reps are intimately familiar with the entire Coyuchi line. Please email us or phone us at 1-800-983-8393 if you have any questions about Coyuchi products or certifications.