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Just Sleep Beds offer mattresses that are a premium blend of ecofriendly, non-toxic materials perfectly designed by a renowned spine specialist to give you the perfect support and comfort. Made with high quality talalay latex and coconut based bio-foam. If you have questions, call one of our experienced customer service specialists today at 1-800-983-8393.

Just Sleep Beds

What really makes JUST SLEEP mattresses unique is the intuitive design created by Dr. Raymond Hall in his quest to put the perfect level of support along with comfort under his patients to not only help heal their spines more quickly, but also give them long term relief and lessen the chance of the recurrence of back pain.

Dr. Hall believes that a great mattress needs the perfect combination of materials for a highly consistent deep support blended with perfect pillow top comfort. These mattresses combine a healthy combination of two premium plant based layers (Talalay latex with a Coconut based topper) for optimum spinal support, pressure relief, comfort and temperature control. 

JUST SLEEP BEDS manufactures these mattresses in the USA for customers who are looking for a mattress Made in America. They are made with incredible and meticulous quality. After all, you spend a third of your life sleeping! JUST SLEEP is dedicated to providing a solution that will give you a healthful and smart choice of mattresses.