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Activity Clock
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This activity clock includes activity cards so that children can match the time with the activity.  

Plan Creations Co., Ltd. is the world’s first and largest manufacturer of recycled wooden toys.  PlanToys comes from rubberwood trees that are too old to produce latex.  Prior to PlanToys, these trees were cut, burned and discarded.  Through PlanToys these trees are re-used to create innovative wooden toys loved by children around the world.  Additionally, child specialists regard PlanToys as effective educational tools and PlanToys has won numerous awards from Europe, U.S.A., Japan and Thailand.  

How to Play:
  • Features 9 basic activity cards and 3 blank cards for parents to create based on different family activities.
  • Children can explain the activity cards or practice telling the time, which will encourage developing their language skills.
  • Children can place the activity card on the clock matching the related activity to a specific time.
  • Parents can specify a time and encourage the child to move the clock hands and match the activity card accordingly.
  • The activity clock teaches children about time, daily activities and discipline.  

Product: cm 21 x 9 x 24.5 / inch 8.2x 3.6 x 9.7  

At PlanToys they strive to both enrich childrens’ playtime with fun, safe, educational toys, and to preserve and protect the environment. PlanToys are Eco-Friendly in a number of ways!

Organic Rubberwood:
All PlanToys begins with clean, natural rubberwood recycled from rubber trees no longer able to produce latex. 3 years before the wood is used, no fertilizer is added so that the wood stays chemical free. Moreover, to stabilize the wood PlanToys uses a time consuming chemical free kiln drying process.

E-Zero (Non-Formaldehyde Glue):
PlanToys assembles its products using a proprietary, non-formaldehyde glue in place of the traditional toxic wood glue and E-Zero which means it contains no Formaldehyde emission.

Water Based Dye:
PlanToys uses non-toxic, water based dyes to add accent colors to their products. This color contains no heavy metals.

Recycled and Recyclable Material:
PlanToys uses recycled and recyclable material to minimize its impact on the environment.

Soy Ink & Water Based Ink:
PlanToys uses soy ink & water based ink on printed materials. This ink decomposes more quickly than regular chemical ink and can be recycled more efficiently.