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27oz (800ml) Klean Kanteen Water Bottle (Orig. $17.95 - $19.95, On Sale $15.95 - $17.95)
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Klean Kanteen’s most popular size,  the 27 oz is perfect for your on-the-go life. Whether you're trying to juggle a full day of classes; or work, the kids' extracurricular schedules, and a healthy dinner; or a trip to the dog park between your bike ride and happy hour out with friends, just one or two fill-ups will help you stay hydrated, happy, and plastic-free all day.

Like every Klean Kanteen, the 27 oz bottle is made of 100% recyclable, high-quality, food-grade, stainless steel so it doesn't need a special lining like some other metal bottles. It's completely BPA-free and won't leach toxins or funky flavors into your water, juice, smoothie, or drink of choice. Plus it weighs only 8 oz when empty and is incredibly durable, so you can reuse it for years.

The large-mouth design allows you to pour in big stuff like ice cubes, and makes cleaning up your Klean Kanteen as simple as washing it with mild soap and warm water or throwing it in the dishwasher. Yet the slim design fits into just about any cup holder or Kanteen® bike cage. Day after day, year after year, your Klean Kanteen will keep your drinks fresh, crisp and clean tasting.

  • BPA-free & eco-friendly
  • Slim design fits most bottle/cup holders
  • Large top accommodates large ice cubes
  • Fits in Kanteen® bike cage
  • Polypropylene #5 loop, flat or sport cap*
  • Dishwasher-friendly
Each 27 oz. Stainless Steel Klean Kanteen Water Bottle comes with one Polypropylene loop cap. Other styles of caps are available for purchase below. 

  • Capacity: 27 fluid ounces (800 ml)
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Size: 10.5” H (w/o cap) x 2.75” W
  • Opening diameter: 1.75" (44 mm)
  • High-quality, food-grade, #304 stainless steel
  • Reusable & 100% recyclable

Your Klean Kanteen™ is made from thick, 18/8 (#304) stainless steel and is designed to be lightweight yet extremely durable. If you take care of it, it may very well last your lifetime.

Here are a few tips to help keep your bottle fresh and clean over the long haul.

Washing Your Bottle
  • Your bottle and polypropylene caps are dishwasher safe. Colored bottles should be hand-washed.
  • For daily cleaning, just rinse your bottle with warm, soapy and let it drain and dry in your dish rack with the mouth downward so water can drain out.
  • For thorough cleaning, you can use warm, soapy water and a bottle brush. We also recommend an old-fashioned cleaner: diluted vinegar or water and baking soda.
  • Stainless caps should not be washed in a dishwasher because water can get inside the cap.

Protecting the Paint on Colored Bottles
When Klean Kanteen debuted their colored bottles, the most important thing to them was to find a safe and durable paint that also looked dynamite. They reviewed and tested dozens of different paints and selected an acrylic paint that contains no toxins or lead.

Just like anything that's painted, it is possible to chip or scratch the paint on your colored Klean Kanteen™ bottles. To prolong the life of your paint, handwash your bottle and don't use abrasive agents to clean it.

Colored Bottles and Kids or Toddlers
Klean Kanteen also heard from some parents that their child has chewed on a colored bottle and ingested some of the paint. If this happens, don't worry, the paint is perfectly safe. Though our paint is safe, Klean Kanteen recommends their stainless steel finish bottles for small children who like to chew on things.

27oz (800ml) Original Stainless Steel Silver - $17.95 On Sale Now $15.95
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27 oz. Kolor Klean Kanteen - $19.95 On Sale Now $17.95
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